HS Biophilic Art on Display at Phipps

100_4229We received beautiful and meaningul artwork in response to Challenge #4B- Biophilic Art when we asked high school students to make visual the essence of “biophilia.”  Here at Phipps Conservatory we were so impressed that we  had the entries framed, and they are now on display in our Green Gallery space in one of the greenest buildings in the world, the Center for Sustainable Landscapes (our new building just behind the Conservatory).  Thanks to all the student artists for loaning us their work for the public to admire!

High School Challenge #7: Call to your Inner Artist

Bug sculptureHigh School students:  It’s the final challenge of the year!  We saved the most fun and creative challenge for last.  We’ve invited each Fairchild Challenge school to submit two sculptures that reflect something in the natural world.  The catch is the materials you choose.  We challenge you to make your sculpture from a mixture of natural materials that you find outside and plain old trash (recyclables, resusables, and things generally thought of as garbage).  For all the requirements, see HS Challenges in Depth, Challenge #7.

By the way, the due date for this challenge has been moved to Wednesday, May 7th – to give you an extra weekend to create your work of art!

High Schools take on environmental action

Growing food for those in need, recycling, composting, creating green spaces – these were among the beneficial projects that competing schools took on for Challenge #6. Congratulations to all of you for becoming environmental educators and responsible citizens.  Here are the winners of the HS Environmental Action Challenge:

1st Place: Shaler Area High School

2nd Place: Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy

3rd Place : North Allegheny Senior High School

Fairchild Challenge Awards Dates

partyHooray!  Spring is here and that means we’ll soon be wrapping up the Fairchild Challenge for this year.  We can’t wait to celebrate your accomplishments and announce the winners at our Awards Ceremonies taking place in Phipps Conservatory’s elegant Special Events Hall and in our amazing new green building, as well, The Center for Sustainable Landscapes.  Here are the dates:

Middle School Awards Ceremony: Tuesday, May 27, 6 – 8 p.m.

High School Awards  Ceremony: Wednesday, May 28, 6 – 8 p.m.

Please put the appropriate date on your calendar and plan on joining us!

The Environmental Action Challenge for Middle Schools

Second Place photoIt’s your final challenge and it’s time to show off!  Tell us the one or many cool things you did as a school to better the environment this past year.  Maybe you made changes at home or at school to conserve energy.  Maybe you helped raise awareness about an environmental issue at your school or in your community.  Whatever you did, big or small, we want to know.  And that’s the Environmental Action Challenge in a nutshell.  For details and requirements, see Middle School  Challenge #6 in Depth.  (MS Ch. #6 is due April 25.)

Eco Music Videos: Songs to Get You Outside and Connected with Nature!

Challenge #5 asked middle schoolers to inspire their peers to go outside and get to know nature through the power of music videos.  Despite the freezing temperatures, some of you actually went outside and shot your videos to show just how great the outdoors can be!  We heard some really phenomenal voices, too.  Congratulations to everyone who participated in this challenge – singing, dancing, playing ball or hugging a tree.  Here are the winning schools for MS Challenge #5:

1st Place (Tie): Carson Middle School, “Wake Me Up

1st Place (Tie): Keystone Oaks Middle School, “Techno World

2nd Place: Shaler Area Middle School, “Nature’s the Key

3rd Place: The Ellis School, “Connect with Nature

Honorable Mention: J.E. Harrison Middle School, “Go Outside

Honorable Mention: Marshall Middle School, “Embrace the Green

COOL NOTE: Tune in to the Saturday Light Brigade on Saturday, April 19th at 10:35 a.m. to hear some of the winners live on the radio, 88.3 fm WRCT, or online at slbradio.org.

High School Challenge #5 Inspires Positive Changes

Shaler HS Ch 5 (3)We challenged high school students to make changes in their behavior that would result in a personal and environmental benefit.  Some people got healthier while conserving energy.  Others became more energetic through consuming local produce free of pesticides.  It was a win-win situation and we commend all who participated (along with the many family members who took part and supported this challenge).  Here are the winning schools and individuals whose essays were commended by the team of judges:

1st Place: North Allegheny Senior High School

2nd Place: Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy

3rd Place : Shaler Area High School

“Judges’ Picks” essays:

1.      Sam Passalinqua, Gateway High School

2.      Saket Rajprofat, Moon Area High School

3.      Audrey Immonen, North Allegheny Senior HS

4.      Josiah Johnson, Shaler Area High School

5.      Alex Stauff, Shaler Area High School